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Kickstarting 4Schools 2024!

By Emily Doherty
Posted:12/02/2024 12:28:55
Find out what we're up to and how to get involved
Find out what we're up to and how to get involved

We have lift off on 4Schools 2024! We are really excited to get out and work with our partner schools to keep delivering aspirational and engaging workshops to students all over the UK! So, what’s new with us for 2024…?

Virtual and In-Person Delivery

‘Zooming In’ virtually for some events with our schools in 2023 was a great success. We held virtual assemblies and Q&A sessions at schools in Scotland, England and Wales that we might not have managed to meet otherwise. This year, we are taking the blended approach of virtual/in-person to the next level – all our schools with be offered snappy, virtual Inspiration Sessions alongside in-person workshops throughout the year! Because time is always of the essence for our schools, and timetabling is always tricky for teachers, the blended approach will help us engage with more students without the need for them to miss out on other events in the school calendar.

Tailored Support for Students and Teachers

We are working in partnership with our schools throughout this year, building valuable relationships with staff and students alike. We’ll be regularly checking in with careers advisors and teachers to support them in supporting their students when it comes to creative careers. Our 4Schools reps will really get to know those students at schools that are interested in approaching a career in the creative industries.

More Q&As

Our Q&As were a BIG HIT in 2023 so we are keeping them coming! Thanks to our huge community of Channel 4 volunteers from all across the company, we are able to bring the creative industries into our schools! Students get the chance to chat to people doing all sorts of jobs and get first hand advice on what route into the creative industries are out there. Raising aspirations is what we’re all about, so we’re so pleased to be able to bring our Q&As to all our schools in 2024.

CPD sessions

We are thrilled to have started offering our schools free 4Schools CPD Sessions for teachers of all subjects to show how all subjects teach relevant skills for students who might be interest in working in TV and Broadcasting. Jobs in the creative industries can feel a million miles away for lots of teachers who want to best support their students, but by educating teachers on the range of jobs that exist in TV, our CPD sessions aim to de-mystify the TV industry for teachers of any subject!


There we have it, just a few of the amazing initiatives we are rolling out for 4Schools 2024! If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a 4Schools school, drop a message:

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