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4Schools in the news

By Jade Gilbert
Posted:18/02/2023 21:26:34
4Schools features in Teachwire
4Schools features in Teachwire

As students’ progress through school, they face increasing pressure to make decisions about their future careers and education. This can be a daunting task, and many students may not know where to begin or what opportunities are available to them. 

Through interactive workshops, the provision of resources, and student engagement, 4Schools strives to bridge the gap between students and the path to a creative career by shedding light on the TV and entertainment sectors, demystifying roles behind the camera, and linking students with real careers and real people. 

It's exciting to see the 4Schools resources, which are available to both teachers and students, mentioned in a Teachwire article. 'Careers provision - Start early and aim high,' by Matthew Burton, discusses early-year engagement and how this can play a key role in young people's future prospects. 

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