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4Schools inspires local students to consider a creative career

By 4Schools
Posted:01/02/2023 13:05:07
Channel 4 visits Thornhill Community Academy
Channel 4 visits Thornhill Community Academy

Pictured above L-R: Matthew Burton, Headteacher; Gemma Sinclair, Careers Coordinator; Faith Butler, Student; Maariyah Bhikha, Student; Michael Longhi, Talent Inspiration Manager, 4Schools

Channel 4 at Thornhill

Thornhill Community Academy last week welcomed Channel 4’s initiative aimed at inspiring school students to explore careers in TV and broadcasting.

Year 7 and year 9 students at the Dewsbury school participated in a range of 4Schools workshop sessions. These covered linking skills learned in the curriculum to creative careers, as well as an interactive TV advert pitch workshop.

4Schools, launched by Channel 4 last year, motivates young people to picture themselves in the creative sector. It brings to life the breadth of careers available and offers practical guidance on enabling them to fulfill their potential within it. 

Thoughts from Thornhill's head

Matthew Burton, headteacher at Thornhill, and who became a household name after appearing on Channel 4’s hit series Educating Yorkshire, said:

“Understanding what it’s like to work in exciting and diverse careers can have a life-shaping effect on our young people. Every child should have the opportunity to find out about a breadth of careers, including those in the creative sector.”

4Schools offers workshops, live assemblies, digital resources, a national competition, and talks with industry insiders and current Channel 4 employees on how to set about securing a successful creative career.

4Schools in Yorkshire 

Thornhill is the first Yorkshire school to work with 4Schools in 2023. Last year, 4Schools focused on 11 to 14-year-olds with more than 19,000 students from more than 60 schools taking part. This year, 4Schools will also include 14 to 16-year-olds and bespoke provision for students with Special Educational Needs.

Michael Longhi from 4Schools said: 

“When students think of TV, it's probably presenters and actors that first come to mind. But there's a host of incredibly important people behind the scenes that allow on-screen talent to star in the programmes we all know and love. 4Schools introduces students to careers such as set designers, location managers, sound mixers, scheduling managers and many more options that could become an achievable future for them all.”

More information on 4Schools can be found at

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