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4Schools launches Key Stage 4 delivery

By Jade Gilbert
Posted:24/01/2023 13:50:50
Exciting development for 4schools as curriculum extends to students in year 10 and 11
Exciting development for 4schools as curriculum extends to students in year 10 and 11

Key Stage 4

4Schools is delighted to announce that delivery is now accessible to schools for Key Stage 4 (KS4) groups. The programme is intended to assist teachers and students in KS4 groups by delivering informative and engaging educational resources such as interactive sessions, quizzes, and projects that will help students develop a deeper understanding of creative jobs in television and broadcasting. 

This is a significant advancement for the 4Schools project and delivery team. Jess Fisher, the 4Schools Engagement and Delivery Manager, shares her thoughts: 

“I am so very excited to launch our new content for KS4 students. Years 10 and 11 can be a full-on, stressful and confusing time for some, with revision & exams but also the looming pressure of the future. I hope that any KS4 student that takes part in a 4Schools session is able to really benefit not only from developing their essential skills needed in the workplace but also can see that making decisions about the future doesn’t have to be scary!" 
"The 4Schools team are passionate not only about educating on the amazing opportunities a creative career can bring but also about raising aspirations for students who may never have considered this route a possibility for them. So it’s important that we are offering this across the secondary school spectrum, not just the lower year groups.”

New workshops 

The key stage activity includes two exciting workshops; 

Moving on Up Workshop:

This 50-minute course focuses on the significance of networking and how the Essential Skills learned in school can help you flourish in the job. This is an interactive event that includes a 'Cards Against Channel 4' game and a 'elevator pitch' style skill spotting exercise. The session seeks to teach students about the various options in the Creative industry while also providing them confidence in the abilities they already have to help them in the workplace. Gatsby Benchmarks 2 and 4 are met by this session.

Let’s Pitch It Workshop:

This is a two-hour session designed to be delivered over a double lesson. Students work in groups to develop an idea for a new TV show, and then complete various tasks in the shoes of industry professionals in order to get a pitch ready for the end of the session.

Students will be inspired by real-life case studies of those already established in the industry, such as one of Channel 4’s very own Commissioning Editors, a Marketing Lead, a Production Designer and even a Production Accountant. 

The session's goal is to not only get students thinking about the types of professions that are needed behind the scenes in the world of television, but also to help them develop important skills like teamwork, working under pressure, and presenting. This session satisfies Gatsby Benchmarks 2, 3, and 4.

4Schools is dedicated to enhancing students' learning experiences and assisting them in achieving their objectives. With the introduction of KS4 delivery, the programme can continue to engage students at a variety of levels. 

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