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4Schools delivers virtual session to first school in the new region

By Jade Gilbert
Posted:02/11/2022 12:20:42
4Schools are delighted to announce the delivery of its first session in new region
4Schools are delighted to announce the delivery of its first session in new region

In last week’s news announcement, the 4Schools delivery team was delighted to share that it would be increasing its scope and extending the 4Schools delivery to classrooms located throughout the North West, Bristol, and the entirety of the Midlands and Yorkshire.

This week, 4Schools delivered a virtual session to its first school in the new region. The team had the opportunity to work with Cardinal Newman Catholic High School, where they delivered a session that included a virtual assembly and a careers quiz.

The assembly featured ‘Big Careers on the Small Screen’ which introduced the students to the idea of working in the TV and broadcasting industry, by exploring what different roles in the creative sector do. Students had the opportunity to hear behind-the-scenes facts, real-life examples, and take part in an interactive true or false quiz. 

The session was then followed by a Careers Quiz. Students participated in an interactive session that assisted them in visualising themselves on a career path tailored to their interests within TV and broadcasting. The session helps students develop an understanding of how their curriculum skills translate into different job roles. Understand the significance of having diverse skill sets and place job roles in context.

Sessions can be delivered virtually or in person through the 4 Schools programme, and we take pride in our virtual delivery while still maximising student engagement.

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