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4Schools sets sights on broader regional delivery

By Jade Gilbert
Posted:25/10/2022 18:47:29
4Schools. New locations. New possibilities.
4Schools. New locations. New possibilities.

4Schools has brought a range of engaging workshops to classrooms throughout the North East, West Yorkshire and the West Midlands. Some of the many options available through the 4Schools menu include interactive workshops, self-delivered insight sessions, careers in the curriculum and much more.


The menu gives schools the option of a bespoke delivery package, with either 4School-led or self-delivered sessions, providing students with the opportunity to make meaningful connections between the work they do in school and employment opportunities in the real world.

Since the beginning of the first 4Schools event, which took place in the West Midlands and involved 600 students over the course of three days, the programme has continued to expand. As a result of the success of the ongoing programme, the delivery team is pleased to announce that it will be increasing its scope and extending the 4Schools delivery to classrooms located throughout the North West, Bristol, and the entirety of the Midlands and Yorkshire.

In 4schools' eyes, this is a big deal, as it means that the project can connect with more inspirational students, help them build the connections between their learning and the workplace and equip schools with resources to help students envision their own futures.

The project team is excited to reach this milestone and looks forward to expanding delivery to further regions in the future.

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